Human Range
 'Human Range' means range, series, assortment, the spectrum of the   female universe. It is the artist's palette composed of infinite shades of identities, histories, and tastes.
In the intimacy of their spaces, women portrayed in the images reveal themselves, muses of their own selves, with courage and sincerity, free from stereotypes and from sexual objectification, from the myth and divinization of canons of beauty that dictate behaviors.
The project stems from a profound need that binds the author to her protagonists,
from a shared desire to tell and tell themselves truthfully, not as the fruit of someone else's gaze, thus reappropriating a long-lasting narrative chosen by others.
Human Range is a gendered narrative, written by women, together. 
This photographic series begun in 2018 is a cry of resistance that the author intends to carry on for life.
Nina Simone said "freedom is having no fear".
Moments of freedom without fear.