Human Range
This project is the project of my heart. It is a puzzle of lives, where each protagonist has decided to tell his or her story in his or her own way through my eyes. The aim of Human Range is to show these women not as the figment of the vision of others but rather as the object of their own desire.
In a society that is still deeply mistake where beauty criteria are defined on the basis of models that deny reality and where the appearance weighs more than the being and the messages focus on the body and its beauty; born the desire to tell the story of beauty and reality without false pretexts.
During the creation of the images, the texts and videos of this project we break down the fear of revealing ourselves, the social pressure to express ourselves, and taboos.
Toni Morrison said: 'The function of freedom is to free someone else' and Nina Simone said that freedom for her was: 'No fear'.
These photos are moments of freedom without fear.
The project is still ongoing.

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