Human Range
This project is the project of my heart. It is a puzzle of lives, where each protagonist has decided to tell his or her story in his or her own way through my eyes, necessarily subjective, but whose purpose is to show these women not as the fruit of the vision of others but rather as the object of their own desire. Society imposes programmed limits on us, within which beauty criteria are defined on the basis of models that deny reality. The appearance weighs more than the being and the messages focus on the body and its beauty. From a society that is still deeply mistaken, my need to tell the story of beauty and reality as I see them, without false pretence, is born. In this project we tried to forget the fear of revealing ourselves, to abstract from social pressure to express ourselves without fear of judgment, to play with our appearance without taboos. Fear leads to a lack of confidence, indifference, a perpetual feeling of frustration, a form of individualism. ‘Human Ranges’ is a project that also includes an edition and a video part.