9.15 - 11.11 2018 
at Biwako Biennale International Art festival            
‘Her’ is a video installation that comes to life in an old Japanese house, among the abandoned objects of the elderly owners in the historic center of the Japanese city of Omihachiman during the international Art festival 'Biwako Biennale 2018'.The figure of a faceless woman wanders in the darkness. An image with blurred contours, extracted from a fragile memory. His iridescent spectrum slowly melts on the walls of his old house, as an echo of a forgotten existence. During my first visit to the Biwako Biennial in April 2018, I was struck by the nostalgia for a borrowed past; from deserted streets to the interiors of traditional houses where time seems to have stopped. I visited the sites and brought back to life the residual imprint of a distant era. I then invited the artist-composer Isabelle Maitre and her audio-topographic project. «Distance or Space» for this immersive experience where sounds and images filmed meet on an introspective journey.