Termini Saloon
This photographic series was created for the first printed issue of 'Perimetro Roma'.
Rome is the third largest city in Europe by population and the fifth largest by extension.
This series shows the Caput Mundi through one of its thousand faces, and tells a story of our times.
 Rome “is” its own history, a history so deeply rooted that it prevents its inhabitants from grasping the novelties that arrive with other cultures that have now arrived. It is one of these cultures that 'Termini Saloon' presents.
Roma Termini, a district that has a bad reputation due to the frequent crime reports, but which, with its central station, is always changing, allowing multiple communities to take root.
These photos present an aspect of the African community that has made this district the heart of one of its most important arts: hairstyle. A custom that enriches the Roman tradition with its colours and shapes.